Things To Do

The overwhelming majority of patients tolerate proton therapy treatment extremely well, and experience almost no tiredness or loss of vitality during treatment. This means that, during treatment, patients have the energy to actually enjoy the beautiful city of Prague. Many of our patients go out to restaurants, visit museums, galleries and theatres, and even play sports or go to the gym (except in the event of activity restrictions).

Since proton therapy treatments only take about 30-45 minutes each day, patients have a considerable amount of free time available during their stay in Prague and, in many cases, the energy to enjoy it. Some patients even enjoy walking to the Proton Therapy Center itself for treatment, and walk back to their accommodation again after treatment has finished.

Alternatively, if they prefer to simply rest and relax at their accommodation, this is of course perfectly fine. The Proton Therapy UK team can assist patients as much or as little as required.