Thomas’ Prostate Cancer Story

The symptoms of prostate cancer for me were non-existent, the only indication I had was an elevated PSA level. Once I received the diagnosis of prostate cancer I was concerned and wanted to know how serious it was, I wanted to learn more about it and all the possible treatments. The impact the diagnosis had on my family was that my wife was very concerned and somewhat anxious for me.

I personally feel the various options of treatment weren’t explained clearly to me by my GP, I was then referred to a urologist where various tests were carried out.

I was offered the radical prostatectomy as this surgery was apparently the best option for me. Following the conversation with my specialist I began seeking alternative treatments, the reason for this was mainly due to the concern of side-effects of the treatment offered to me.

I began researching online for all treatments related to prostate cancer and came across proton therapy. The specialists didn’t bring this therapy to my attention as they were experts in surgery and conventional photon radiotherapy, but had no experience of proton therapy.

It appealed to me for the reduced likelihood of serious side effects, which is due to an increased accuracy of the treatment technique. The negatives of this treatment were the distance of the centre from home and the cost, but I liked the idea of being treated at a specialist centre for cancer.

My treatment lasted 21fractions and the staff were excellent, there was always help at hand when I had any difficulties.

Since the treatment I now feel very well and feel like everything is back to normal. I’d recommend Proton Therapy and I think it’s a good option for those who can afford the cost, and for those who can be away from home for the treatment period.